Electrical switchboard Tecop: the cutting edge of electrical technologies

Electrical switchboardTecop specialises in the design and construction of industrial electrical technologies: medium and low voltage switchboards, motor control centre switchboards, command and control switchboards, synoptic switchboards and standard ENEL switchboards. Specially customised production upon specific request: maximum precision in all designs, reliability and strong customer orientation.

Professional know-how deriving from extensive experience which began in 1987. In 1995, providing further confirmation of the quality of its products, Tecop applied for and obtained ISO 9001 certification from CSQ. The said certification is valid on an international level and obliges businesses to guarantee consistently high quality standards in order to meet the expectations of the market.

As a consequence of the ISO 9001 certification, Tecop was recognised by IQ NET, the international certification network composed of forty partners throughout the world committed to guaranteeing the highest possible quality standards in various fields of production.

Thanks to its strong customer orientation, the company creates products according to the specific needs of the client and follows the development of the design with an experienced team of designers and technicians who are always up-to-date with the latest market trends as well as innovations in electrical components and in the world of electrical engineering.

Furthermore, from a perspective of total quality, Tecop carries out all activities for the design, assembly and production of electrical switchboards at its manufacturing plant La Loggia (Torino), Italy.

The proven experience and professionalism of Tecop have allowed the company to expand both on a European level and further afield, satisfying the requirements of various contractors worldwide.

There is demand for Tecop’s products in areas of electrical engineering comprising a range of applications, such as the iron and steel industry, wind power stations, thermoelectric energy plants, solar energy generation and the transport sector.

In order to maintain its position as market leader, Tecop continues to pursue the aim of satisfying its customers with cutting edge solutions. Such solutions are safe regarding both installation on the premises they are intended for and the operators who will be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment in question.

Tecop’s products will also be able to provide high levels of performance over sustained periods of time. Such an achievement is obtained thanks to continuous analysis of market trends and the devising of appropriate marketing strategies, as well as the targeted training of technicians and designers.

All this is coupled with significant investment in research and development and a constant commitment to maintaining the highest possible quality standards. Within the vast range of products designed and manufactured by Tecop on site, with materials of the finest quality supplied by qualified partners in full respect of international regulations, the following in particular can be highlighted:

  • – Medium voltage switchboards
  • – Low voltage switchboards
  • – Auxiliary services switchboards
  • – Motor control centre switchboards
  • – Operating and control switchboards
  • – Synoptic switchboards
  • – Standardized switchboards

Tecop Electrical Switchboards

command control switchboardTecop products are customisable according to the specific needs of the client and based on the performance required. All Tecop’s electrical switchboards come with protection systems guarding against direct or indirect accidental contacts, which could cause serious injury to operators, and against equipment malfunction.

Specifically, the I.P. degree of protection (International Protection or Ingress Protection) is the code that indicates the safety of the electrical switchboards in the event of penetration by solid bodies or accidental contact with liquids.

The International Protection code of an electrical switchboard is marked by the initials I.P. and two numbers: the first number indicates safety in the event of penetration by a solid body; the second number indicates the equipment’s degree of safety in the event that it comes into accidental contact with a liquid; additionally, in specific cases the code is followed by letters that indicate the level of safety provided by mechanical protection.

Another safety standard that Tecop electrical switchboards must adhere to is the degree of mechanical protection I.K., which indicates the solidity and the sturdiness of the workmanship which protects the entire switchboard against external mechanical impact, in accordance with regulations CEI EN 50102: 1996-05; CEI EN 60068-2-7-5; 1998-09.

The I.K. code is expressed by a progressive series of numbers from zero to ten that indicate the structure’s degree of resistance. The maximum value of the I.K. code certifies safety and resilience against impacts of up to twenty Jaouls.

Medium and low voltage Electrical switchboards

medium low switchboards Medium voltage switchboards serve mainly to distribute voltage (such as in large industrial plants for example) and/or to transform voltage from medium to low and vice-versa.

Also in this case, Tecop’s medium voltage electrical switchboards conform to all regulations regarding the safety of operators and to the product standards established by the client.

They also contribute to the protection of the environment and to the sustainable management of raw materials. The relevant regulation is CEI EN 62271-200, designed to follow as precisely as possible the growth and evolution of the sector in line with the latest technological developments.

Tecop produces proteted switchboards, metal clad switchboards (in a standard version or internal arc execution), insulated cabins for construction sites, medium line voltage switchboards and wye (y) generator centre.

Low voltage electrical switchboards in recent years have been subjected to intense regulatory activities in order to guarantee maximum safety as they are those that more regularly require maintenance and intervention on the part of operators. It is a rare event, but it is possible for low voltage electrical switchboards to develop a so-called electric arc, which may overheat the equipment, provoke harmful gases and damage extremely important components beyond repair.

To avoid overheating, three types of test can be carried out, all equally valid: the verification test, the verification assessment and the design regulations.

The range of Tecop low voltage electrical switchboards includes power centre switchboards, power factor correction switchboards with an electronic regulator for activating automatic mode, power factor correction switchboards with an electronic regulator for activating automatic mode with harmonic reactances of blockade / abatement, auxiliary service A.C. / D.C. switchboards with automatic switching, auxiliary energy switchboards with lead or nickel-cadmium single or double branch batteries.

Auxiliary electrical switchboards

Auxiliary electrical switchboards are intended for photovoltaic and wind power plants, AT electrical substations and hydroelectric and thermoelectric power stations, and they are designed to avoid overloads or voltage drops which could cause the malfunctioning of equipment or heavy disruption.

They are built to distribute low voltage in direct current or in alternating current. Auxiliary service switchboards are held in modular units that contain protection and control commands, placed in separate compartments to ensure the best efficiency in every working condition.

Tecop’s range of auxiliary electrical switchboards features: auxiliary service A.C./D.C. switchboards for hydroelectric power stations, thermoelectric power stations, photovoltaic power plants, wind power plants and AT electrical substations stations.

Motor Control Centre switchboards (also called MCC) are built in order to protect and command low voltage electrical motors, present mainly in industrial plants. They also allow the duration of any blackouts to be reduced and make maintenance activities easier.

Electrical switchboard: command and control electrical switchboards

Motor Control Centre switchboards with extractable compartments allow the maintenance and repair of each individual unit without putting the other units constituting the switchboard out of service.

The operators’ protection is guaranteed by a series of safety systems with mechanical interblocks aimed at preventing the wrong manoeuvres from being made. TECOP’s Motor control centre switchboards are built to be installed anywhere, regardless of environmental conditions, because they are specifically based on the needs of the client and to ensure continuity of service.

Tecop also builds FM distribution switchboards, P.M.C.C. motor command switchboards with fixed cubicles and/or extractable compartments, motor command switchboards (Motor Control Centre) with fixed cubicles equipped with inverters, soft-starters and AC/DC convertors, motor command switchboards (Motor Control Centre) with extractable compartments and internal arc execution.

Command and control electrical switchboards are designed to monitor and control with specific and appropriate instruments the correct functioning of the electrical equipment and can be either relay logic or P.L.C. Relay logic switchboards are mainly intended for thermoelectric and hydroelectric power stations and they also have the function of galvanic separation along with the supervision system.

For plants where supervision systems are required on more than one level, programmable logic controllers (P.L.C) are able to fully perform such a function. Command and control switchboards for cogeneration units, protective measure switchboards for power stations and electrical substations, parallel switchboards for hydroelectric and thermoelectric power stations and command and control booths are all among the products manufactured by Tecop.

The Tecop range is completed by synoptic switchboards, with the function of providing an overall vision of the plant, and are produced in a mosaic form with modular tiles, complete with graphics and prints in various colours.

Produced according to client specifications, they provide an overall vision of the system to be monitored with reference to, for example, technological equipment, hydroelectric power stations, underground train stations, railway stations, etc.

Rigorous safety devices are applied on all TECOP command and control switchboards to ensure the safety of technicians in every situation; furthermore, the advanced technology with which they are designed and produced ensures great precision, reliability and the possibility to monitor complex and diversified industrial processes.

Tecop, in line with its recognised qualifications, produces: standard switchboards in accordance with ENEL regulations, Italy’s largest distributor of electricity; rack frames for control panel protection, non-unified compartments and command and control switchboards for various applications.

Tecop: thirty years of experience serving energy.